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About me;


My name is Chris Greenhalgh.


Born in San Diego, I’ve lived in Columbus, Ohio for 51 years. I work at the Ohio State University, in the Student Life IT Department. My work involves network communications, and computers.


I have two beautiful daughters, Katie, the oldest, is serving our country in Afghanistan, and Courtney is married living in Dublin, Ohio.


We recently made the move to the country after 49 years of city slicking. Man do we love it. Check out are new digs here.


We (or I should say Liz) had “The best dog in the world”, Tank… here’s a page dedicated to him.


I have many hobbies, including motorcycling, boating, water sports, ham radio, home theater, chess, biking, R/C modeling, and following my favorite sports team, the Ohio State Buckeyes. I am also restoring my first motorcycle.


I also like to study religion. While I am a devout Atheist, I have recorded a public manifest outlining my beliefs.


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